How Can I Find A Reliable Dentist Near Me?

Every step you take towards better oral health is important, as oral health is tied directly to overall health. Brushing, flossing, going to the dentist regularly, and giving your teeth and mouth the attention it needs will leave you healthier and feeling better. If you’re ready to start your search for a ‘reliable dentist near me’ for you and your family, here are some things to consider.

Should I Go to a General Dentist Near Me or a Pediatric Dentist?

Many ask the question if they should visit a general dentist or a pediatric dentist. The answer is that it depends on who will be going! If you’re looking for a dentist for the whole family, a general dentist may be best. If you’re looking for a dentist just for your kids, a pediatric dentist may be the route for your family.

General Dentists

General dentists provide care for the whole family, regardless of age. If you have multiple family members of different ages, general dentists can see more than one child at the same time, and save an extra trip to the dentist.

Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists provide specialized dental care for young infants to teenagers. They have special training to deal directly with children, especially when it comes to dental growth and development issues.

Both Types of Dentists

As you look for a dentist, keep in mind that both types of dentists care about you and your family’s health. You can’t go wrong with either choice.

How Can I Find a Reliable Dentist Near Me?

While searching for a reliable dentist in the Lakewood area, keep an eye out for testimonials and ratings, as you want to ensure the best care for you and your family. You should also:

  • Ask your family or friends. Many families and friends will either recommend (or sway you away from) the dentist they currently see.
  • Search for dentists in your area. Do a Google search for ‘dentists near me’ and find one close to you. Be sure to check out their ratings and reviews! Five-stars are best.
  • Ask your doctor, chiropractor, etc. for recommendations. If your dentist is mindful of the oral health and overall health connection, such as mouth/jaw development and sleep disordered breathing, it’s likely they’ll be in close connection with local chiropractors, doctors, and more. Be sure to ask your health professionals if they recommend any dentists in the Lakewood area.

What Should You Look for in a Lakewood Dentist?

A dentist is a dentist, right? Well, not exactly. Some dentists are tooth doctors, and others are whole-health, tooth, mouth, breathing, tongue-tie and airway doctors. Be sure to look for a dentist who matches your health philosophy. You can also look for these things:

  • Location & Convenience: Is the dentist near me here in Lakewood, CO or close enough to have an easy commute? 
  • Membership/payment plans: If you don’t have dental insurance, does the dentist offer an in-house membership that includes annual cleanings, exams, and discounts on additional services? These types of memberships can save your family on costs each year. 
  • Cleanliness: When you Google ‘Reliable dentists near me’, do the images submitted by the owner and by patients show a clean and tidy office? 
  • Comfort: If you or another family member hasn’t been to the dentist in a while, it can be a little overwhelming. Does the dentist offer any relaxation techniques if you are nervous about your visit?
  • Focus on whole-health: Does the dentist mention anything about the source of dental problems? Will they simply fill a cavity or determine the root cause (such as sleep-disordered breathing, mouth breathing, etc.)? 
  • Dentist’s credentials/education: What credentials does the dentist have? Do they have any specializations in things such as root canals, Invisalign, airway disorders, or cosmetic dentistry?
  • Trial periods or free visit: Do they offer any trial visits or free first visits for kids under 3 to let you get a feel for their office?

Schedule An Appointment for a Reliable Dentist Near Me In Lakewood, CO

Not all dentists are the same. If you’re looking for a dentist that is also educated in cosmetic dentistry, root canals (endodontics), dental implant placement and restoration, family dentistry, Invisalign, occlusion and TMD, soft tissue grafting, oral surgery, dental sleep medicine, and more, schedule an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Turner! 

Want to learn more about our general dentistry services in Lakewood, CO? Check out this page here.

About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Turner is a whole-health, family dentist in Lakewood, CO who provides general, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. She focuses on the mouth-body connection and helps her patients smile confidently, breathe clearer, and live healthier lives. 

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