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One thing that people from all walks of life seem to want when it comes to dentistry is whiter teeth. Whether it’s for purely aesthetic reasons, trying to attract that special someone or just wanting a prominent smile, the quest for white teeth is very common. A question that often comes up when looking into tooth whitening is whether to try an at-home treatment or to have it done professionally in a Lakewood, CO dental clinic. 

Is getting in-office tooth whitening worth it? Many people make their decision based on the relative cost of the treatments and how long they will last. We can answer those questions for you and tell you what else you should consider when you’re making the decision between professional tooth whitening and at-home treatments.

The Cost of Professional Tooth Whitening in Lakewood, CO

Professional tooth whitening costs an average of ~$500. The exact cost you will pay will depend on the specific Lakewood, CO dentist you choose and some other factors.

This is more expensive than in-home treatment options, which typically range from $100 to $400. However, there are many more factors to consider when you’re assessing whether you should try at-home or in-office whitening.

How Long will Professional Tooth Whitening Last?

Tooth whitening is not a permanent procedure because teeth will always pick up new stains. That said, it’s likely that you’ll find satisfaction with professional teeth whitening for a longer period of time than with home teeth whitening. That’s because professional treatments break down stains within the tooth itself, unlike home treatments, which primarily treat surface stains.

As your Lakewood, Colorado dentist, we may recommend you first get a professional tooth whitening treatment, and then use at-home treatments to maintain the whiteness of your teeth from there. If you get a professional cleaning that you are happy with, occasional small whitening treatments at home can remove the new stains that slowly build up. However, you are unlikely to get a bright white that you’re fully happy with while using at-home treatments alone.

How Does Professional Tooth Whitening Compare to Home Whitening?

As part of whole health dentistry, we offer professional tooth whitening that is superior to home whitening in many ways. In a professional setting, we use more powerful cleaning agents without causing your discomfort. We can achieve results not just with surface stains but also with older stains beneath the surface of the tooth.

What Should I Expect From Professional Teeth Whitening in Lakewood, CO?

Professional tooth whitening gets you the fastest results. You can expect a comfortable and carefully monitored whitening experience at our Lakewood, CO dental office. Once you decide on a professional teeth cleaning, we’ll talk with you about your specific needs. After that, we’ll talk you through the process and tell you what kind of results you may get, how long they are likely to last, and what it will cost you.


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