What Can a Lakewood Dental Clinic Do for Your Dental Problems?

. A Lakewood dental clinic can provide the care you need to achieve and maintain optimum oral health. It’s no secret that keeping your teeth and gums in good condition plays a big role in your overall health and quality of life. By following dentist-recommended procedures at home and keeping your dental appointments, you can take a big step toward having ideal oral health for years to come. Wondering what a Lakewood, CO dentist can do for your dental problems? Here we cover the important services available to treat general dental issues.

What Are Some General Dental Problems?

General dental problems your Lakewood dental clinic can address include:

  • Gum Disease (Gingivitis): Gum disease infects your gums and when not treated can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease causes your gums to become tender and bleed, and can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Infections of the gums also cause bad breath and pain when chewing. Preventative treatment such as professional cleanings can prevent gum disease and also help it from advancing to periodontitis.  
  • Oral Cancer: Your dentist includes an oral cancer exam at your checkups ensuring it is caught and treated early. This is especially important if you smoke, drink alcohol, or have human papillomavirus (HPV). All of these are all risk factors for oral cancers.
  • Sores of Mouth: In general, mouth sores are not serious despite often being quite painful. This includes canker sores, fever blisters, cold sores and thrush. Your dentist can help determine what type of mouth sores you have and if they are a symptom of oral cancer. They can also provide treatment that helps sores heal.  
  • Tooth Erosion: Your tooth enamel is the hard outer layer that protects your teeth. Tooth erosion occurs when acids attack the enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay, sensitivity, and cracking. Your dentist can look for signs of erosion and recommend proper oral care to help prevent it.
  • Sensitivity of Teeth: Tooth sensitivity is common and can be quite painful when you eat hot or cold foods or beverages. Your dentist can make recommendations to reduce sensitivity. They can also provide treatment for more severe cases caused by decay, cracks, or abscesses.
  • Dental Emergencies and Toothache: When you experience a persistent toothache or a dental emergency, an immediate Lakewood, CO dental appointment is required. Your dentist will determine what is causing the pain and address the emergency. Whether it is a damaged tooth, an abscess, or a lost or dislodged tooth, your dentist is there to help.

Keep in mind these are just a few examples. Your Lakewood dentist is also able to assist with all your dental concerns, including cosmetic treatments, to perfect your smile.

Can Lakewood Dental Clinics Help Control Dental Issues?

Yes, your Lakewood dental clinic focuses on preventive treatments that help you maintain optimum dental health. They provide professional cleanings and checkups to keep your oral health in check, while also providing important advice on how to improve your oral care regime at home. 

Dentists can offer advice on the foods that affect your dental health. Or, they can also make recommendations on lifestyle changes to improve oral health, such as quitting smoking or limiting alcohol intake. When you schedule a dental appointment at the first sign of trouble, you also help receive proper treatment before the issue can progress.

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About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Turner is a whole-health, family dentist in Lakewood, CO who provides general, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. She focuses on the mouth-body connection and helps her patients smile confidently, breathe clearer, and live healthier lives. 

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