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Let’s Talk Functional Dentistry

Dr. Elizabeth Turner has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education connecting the mouth to the whole body. Your oral health is directly tied to your overall health and it is her goal to provide information on prevention first so people can live happier healthier lives.

It’s her passion to not only educate her direct patients on the importance of functional dentistry but also provide education through training and podcasts to reach people outside of the Lakewood, Colorado area.

Common Topics Dr. Turner Speak On:

How nutrition impacts oral development and can cause and help prevent cavities

The impact of sleep disordered  breathing

Airway development and the impact on sleep and breathing

Lip and Tongue-ties and the issues they cause

The many benefits of Laser dentistry

Dr. Elizabeth Turner has been featured on:

Sleep and Breathing Wellness Summit 2020

Online education and training Summit featuring selected clinicians from the dental and medial area, including Dr. Elizabeth Turner.

The Munch Bunch Myo

Adult Palate Expansion is POSSIBLE guest star, Dr. Elizabeth Turner

Holistic Lactation

How Tongue Tie Impacts Breastfeeding and Beyond with Dr. Liz Turner

I Spy with My Myo Eye

Episode 6 featuring
Dr. Liz Turner, DMD