What’s the Best Toothpaste to Use?

Let’s talk toothpaste!

I’ll give you a few of my favorites and why.

Hydroxyapatite Based Toothpastes

Rise Well and Boka are the go-tos for me!  Our teeth are mostly made of this form of calcium. It remineralizes the teeth better than fluoride can (basically reversing decay!) and can help tooth sensitivity.  It is non-toxic and there are no side effects.  Rise Well has a kid’s version which is awesome, and I love the Boka Coco Ginger. 

Prebiotics Toothpastes

Revitin.  There’s tons of mixed literature on prebiotics, probiotics, how to best take them, etc.  We have good bacteria in our mouths that we’ve accidentally been targeting to kill with many of our oral health care products.  Revitin is designed to clean the teeth while allowing the good bacteria to do their job, supporting a healthy microbiome.  It also tastes like orange creamsicle, so that is a bonus!  My kid is a fan because it’s not a harsh flavor.  The silica in it leaves teeth feeling super clean.  More research comes out every day, stay tuned as more products come on the market!

Whats the best toothpaste to use

This does not mean don’t use a different toothpaste that I list above, but I do shy away from anything with SLS, and I don’t use a fluoride toothpaste EVERY day.  SLS can cause major irritation in sensitive individuals.  This can include a burning sensation, canker sores, and sloughing of tissue (so if you have a gunky film coming off your cheeks, this is often why).  If you’re having mouth issues, check your toothpaste ingredients. If you have a lower to moderate decay rate, you may not need this extra topical Fl.  Fluoride is a hot topic, and if you choose to use it, that’s 100% OK!  Ask your personal dentist for more info, and @doctor_staci has an EXCELLENT recent post on fluoride that breaks down some more research. @askthedentist (Askthedentist.com) has great info too!

So if you come to my house, there’s 400 tubes of toothpaste in my medicine cabinet.

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