7 Tips To Always Have Fresh Breath – From A Lakewood, CO Dentist

Fresh breath is an essential part of oral hygiene, and dental care often gets overlooked. As dentists at Fox Point Dental in Lakewood, we have seen how bad breath can have a significant negative impact on an individual’s self-esteem and overall health. Let’s look at some practical tips to ensure that you always have fresh breath. By following these tips, you can maintain your oral hygiene and boost your self-confidence.

Bad Breath

Fresh breath is important for various reasons, from social interactions to professional settings. People with bad breath often struggle with low self-esteem, which can affect their quality of life. Bad breath can be a sign of underlying dental or health problems, which is why it’s crucial to maintain optimal oral hygiene. 

Bad breath, or Halitosis, can be caused by a number of things, including smoking, poor dental hygiene, and certain medical problems. Improper or insufficient oral care, such as infrequent brushing and flossing, can cause germs in the mouth to accumulate, which can in turn, cause your mouth to have a bad odor. Bad smelling breath is often attributed to gum disease and dry mouth. Understanding underlying causes is important for determining the proper course of action for treatment.

1. Brush your Teeth Regularly

As per American Dental Association (ADA), brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes is recommended. Brushing your teeth regularly is the most efficient way to keep your breath fresh and maintain proper oral hygiene, and we at Fox Point Dental highly encourage it.

Brushing your teeth helps you remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria that can build up on your gums and teeth, which can cause bad breath as well as other dental (and overall health) problems. It is important to use proper brushing techniques including brushing in gentle, circular motions and brushing at a 45-degree angle. 

The use of proper toothpaste and toothbrush is also necessary when it comes to effective brushing. You should consider using hydroxyapatite toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid harming your teeth and to prevent cavities.

2. Flossing

Flossing helps you to remove food particles and plaque from between teeth and gums that brushing alone cannot reach. Regular flossing can also help stimulate the gums, improving overall gum health. 

The proper flossing technique is essential to ensure optimal effectiveness. To floss correctly, use a gentle sawing motion to insert the floss between your teeth, then loop the floss around each tooth in a C-shape and slide it up and down. Be sure to floss all teeth and finish by rinsing your mouth with water. 

3. Scrape Your Tongue

The tongue harbors bacteria that can contribute to bad breath (and lead to other health issues), and brushing alone may not remove all of it. Tongue scraping involves using a specialized tool to gently remove debris and bacteria from the surface of the tongue. 

Proper use of a tongue scraper involves holding the scraper at the back of the tongue and gently dragging it forward, rinsing the scraper with water after each pass. In addition to fresh breath, tongue scraping can also improve overall oral hygiene and stimulate taste buds, leading to better enjoyment of food. By incorporating tongue scraping into your daily dental care routine, you can experience the benefits of fresh breath and optimal oral hygiene.

4. Stay Hydrated 

Dehydration can result in dry mouth, which decreases salivation and increases the risk of bad breath. You can encourage the production of saliva by regular intake of water and help prevent bad breath by washing away bacteria and food particles. 

A typical recommendation is to consume at least eight glasses of water each day. Carrying a water bottle around with you all day, drinking water with each meal, and seasoning your water with fruits or herbs are all suggestions for improving water intake.

5. Avoid Foods and Drinks That Cause Bad Breath

Some foods and drinks contain compounds that can linger in the mouth, leading to bad breath, such as garlic, onions, coffee, and alcohol. Onions and garlic contain sulfur compounds that are absorbed into the bloodstream and expelled through the lungs, resulting in bad breath. Coffee and alcohol can also contribute to bad breath by reducing saliva production and dehydrating the body. 

At Fox Point Dental, we recommend foods that are high in fiber, such as apples and carrots, that help to stimulate saliva production, which can help to prevent bad breath.

6. Use a Limited Amount of Mouthwash

Using mouthwash can help kill bacteria and neutralize odors in the mouth, leaving your breath smelling fresh and clean. However, it is important to use the right type of mouthwash, as you don’t want to kill ALL bacteria – just the bad bacteria. It’s also important to use mouthwash as directed and to avoid swallowing it. If using a mouthwash, it is preferred to use one that is alkalinizing and is gentle on the oral microbiome.  For this reason, we prefer Risewell’s Balanching Mouthwash.

7. Visit the Dentist Regularly

Regular dental check-ups can help identify and address any issues early on, preventing them from becoming more serious problems. At Fox Point Dental, we recommend that our patients come into our Lakewood dental clinic for regular dental check-ups

During these visits, we will perform a thorough cleaning of your gums and teeth to remove any built-up plaque or bacteria that could be causing bad breath. We may also recommend additional treatments or procedures, like deep cleanings or periodontal therapy, to address more serious issues. By visiting the dentist regularly and following a comprehensive oral hygiene routine, you can maintain optimal oral health and fresh breath.

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Dr. Elizabeth Turner is a whole-health, family dentist in Lakewood, CO who provides general, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. She focuses on the mouth-body connection and helps her patients smile confidently, breathe clearer, and live healthier lives. 

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