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Feel confident about your whole health

Feel confident

Everything is connected. At Fox Point Dental, our team focuses on whole health, functional dentistry. Our goal is to help our patients smile confidently, breathe clearer, and live healthier lives. At our Lakewood, Colorado dental clinic, we focus on building relationships with you and the ones you love. From infancy to advanced age, you will be treated as a part of our family.

Safety and Health First

Your safety and health at our dental care clinic is our #1 priority.

Whole Health Dentistry

Personalized appointments and all-encompassing dental care in Lakewood, CO.

We Treat You Like Family

We are here to listen and evaluate your individual dental needs.

About  Dr. Elizabeth Turner - Dentist in Lakewood, CO.

“I’ve been there. I get that being a patient is hard, but it doesn’t have to be."

From the time I was a kid, I’ve had my own set of dental, sleep, and airway problems. I use my personal experiences to make you more comfortable from the minute you walk in our doors. I’ll always be there to listen to the questions you have. I’ll share my stories to help you find the right solutions for your mouth and body. This is how dentistry should be.

I am a certified Invisalign dentist and hold a certificate from the American Board of Laser Surgery for Laser Dentistry.  I have additional training in cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, root canals (endodontics), dental implant placement and restoration, occlusion and TMD, soft tissue grafting, oral surgery, and dental sleep medicine.

For ten years, having been a dental doctor in Lakewood, CO, I understand what it is like to be both in the treatment chair and on the side of it. I strive to be gentle, kind, and caring, all while diligently providing you the highest quality dental care possible.

At Fox Point Dental Clinic in Lakewood, CO,

how can we help you?

The functional approach to whole health dentistry through our dental services.

Prevention first

Your safety and health is our #1 priority.

Time for a checkup?

Cleanings, x-rays, and oral exams at our dental clinic for kids and the whole family.

Fix damaged teeth

Filling, implants,
crowns, and more.

Improve your smile

Straightening, whiten,
or redesign your smile.

Eliminate common pain

Eliminate common pain with dental care in Lakewood, CO.

First Dental Appointment for Toddlers

If your child has his or her first teeth emerging, or is a toddler and has not seen a dentist yet, we would like to invite you into our dental clinic in Lakewood, CO for their first dental checkup! Early dental care is the best way to ensure healthy oral habits for life.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Care

From the moment you step into our dental clinic in Lakewood, we take the time to listen and evaluate your unique needs in order to customize your treatment.

Finding the Why

Instead of simply fixing a problem, our dentists in Lakewood, CO look at the cause in order to prevent additional problems in the future.

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Client Love for Fox Point Dental

Nicki Beyioku

I was fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Turner at a community clinic where she was volunteering her time for patients of limited means and the uninsured. She is extremely compassionate, gentle, and understanding. I had been told by another dentist that I needed a root canal and a crown, which I couldn’t afford. Dr. Turner cleaned and filled the tooth at fraction of the cost of a root canal and a crown. This was 5 or 6 years ago, and I still have the filled tooth, and pain-free.


Mary Huston

Dr. Liz blew my expectations out of the water. She was so helpful! We had previously asked several dentists, a pediatrician and an ENT about possible tongue ties and none of them were specialized enough to recognize the issues we were having and to help us with further treatment. Dr. Liz was the help we needed. This is the way dentistry I think should be practiced. She’s looking at the whole person and helping us make our lives better by improving our mouths. Dr. Liz offers so much more than just typical dentistry! Now that I know what Whole Person Dentistry can look like, I fee so encouraged and inspired. She helped me, and our family, so much. I am really grateful to her.


Sara Nay Headshot

I have been going to the same dentist for years and recently switched over to Fox Point Dental as they are a lot closer to my house. I was happy with my previous dentist, however, I didn't fully understand whole health dentistry until seeing Dr. Turner. I have two young kids and am very interested in their development as I have had both braces and Invisalign now. Dr. Turner is incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel completely comfortable with her care. She took the time to answer my 1000 questions with patience and I truly believe my family has found the best dental clinic in Lakewood for our needs. I would 100% recommend Dr. Turner if you are interested in more than just fixing the problems - she takes the time to understand the cause in order prevent future issues and that is very important to me as a mom!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a dentist near me or dental service near me?

There are many dentists in the Lakewood area. You can Google ‘Dentists in Lakewood, CO, or even just ‘Dentists near me’ if your location settings are enabled. You’ll see a list of dentists in Lakewood, CO. Be sure to pay attention to the number of reviews and quality rating of the location.

Why is visiting the dentist so important?

Now more than ever, people are visiting the dentist more frequently than they are the doctor. Because of that, dentists are at the forefront of identifying and diagnosing diseases. We play a huge role in preventing infections, keeping an eye out for major health issues and providing tips for maintaining good oral health. Your oral health is tied directly to your overall health (learn more about your oral microbiome here), so any attention you provide to your mouth, teeth, and airway is beneficial to your whole body. 

Going to the dentist is important because:

  1. It’s a check up for your teeth 
  2. It prevents plaque and tartar build up
  3. It protects your teeth from tooth decay

What’s included in a dental cleaning at Fox Point Dental?

Your dental cleaning includes a process called scaling. Using a mirror to see the difficult-to-reach surfaces of your teeth, our hygienist uses a special tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line. Our hygienist also polishes your teeth to help remove stains. Lastly, our hygienist applies fluoride to your teeth.

In the case where we spot trouble areas with more build-up of plaque and tartar, we’ll offer tips on the proper brushing and flossing technique, as well as discuss the best toothpaste and oral care tools for your particular needs.

What should I look for when choosing the right dentist for me?

Dental clinics can vary greatly in terms of services and focus. Try making a checklist of the things you’d like your dental clinic to have. For example, here are some important factors to look for in a dental clinic:

  • Annual Membership Options
  • Insurance Compatibility
  • Location and Convenience
  • Dentist’s Education
  • Comfort and Relaxation Options
  • Cleanliness
  • Attention to Your Airway Development and Overall Health
  • Focus On Preventative Care
  • Trial or Free Visits

To learn more about choosing the right Lakewood dentist for you, download this infographic here.

How do I determine the best dentist for my family?

Your oral health is tied directly to your overall health, and giving your oral health the attention it needs is the best way to ensure you and your family stay healthy. Your dentist is uniquely positioned to serve as an advisor and partner for your family’s health, so choosing the right one for the whole family is an important decision.

  • First, you’ll want to determine if you’d like a general dentist or a pediatric dentist.
  • Next, you’ll want to read reviews and ask for referrals from your friends and family.
  • Last, you’ll want to check into the services and care you expect from a dental clinic.

To learn more about choosing a dentist for the family, download this infographic here.

Can all dentists see kids?

All dentists can see kids, yes. However, pediatric dentists have special training to see children. 

General or family dentists: 

  • Provide dental care for all family members, regardless of age
  • Can save time by seeing adults and children together, and can have a deeper understanding of the whole family’s health history

Pediatric dentists:

  • Provide dental care for infants through their teenage years
  • Are trained to treat special cases, including dental growth and development issues

Both types of dentists

  • Recommend starting dental visits by your child’s first birthday
  • Care deeply about you and your family’s overall and oral health

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